Tuesday, November 15, 2011

*~*Snowflake Collector*~*Primitive Folk Art Snowman Doll

**Snow Collector **
Create the best holiday atmosphere of love and happiness with this adorable 18in Snowman doll.
This prim snowman doll is made of stained muslin. His facial features have been hand stitched, his mouth is made of tiny black beads, his cheeks softly blushed and he has prim sculpted nose.
His cute robe is made of a very soft baby blue flannel fabric trim with a white soft cotton fabric.
He is decorated with 3 snowflakes buttons on front, a red scarf also with a snowflake button and a he is holding a garland of snowflakes.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Raggedy Annie and Federico

Annie has brown eyes, freckles and raggedy brown hair ~ she is dressed in a beautiful Christmas fabric on top and the bottom part a forest green color fabric ~Her bloomies match her dress~Her apron is made with muslin fabric hand painted by me~ Annie's face is hand stitched, her eyes hand painted and sealed ~ she has a tea stained muslin body and wool hair ~ hand stitched ~ no glue was used ~ Annie stands 15 inches tall.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

*~*Suri, a cute 9 inches tall holiday doll*~*

Suri is a cute, she measures about 9 inches tall. Her dress has a poinsettia print with a green border and a silk red ribbon tied on her waist and a cute little tree button on front.
Suris body is made with coffee stained muslin body and wool hair; needle felted to her head. She is lightly weighted so she can sit nicely.
She is @ my etsy shop!