Monday, March 14, 2011

Lily and Eggard!

Lily and Eggard. Are they the sweetest?

I made these little cuties from coffee stained organic osnaburg muslin; her features are painted with acrylics, color pencils and fabric markers and sealed for protection. Her cute little shoes are also painted with acrylics. She is wearing a pretty cotton dress made with a colorful strip fabric and her pantaloon s match the top of her blouse. All of her clothes were made using quality fabrics. She has a cute flower button sewn to her little dress. I made her a beloved companion to hold. His name is Eggard and his face is painted with acrylics. She measures about 16 inches tall. I made her with my own pattern. Lily and Eggard are an OCR Primitive Arts original and has been signed by her creator, me! Omayra <3